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Everything Koi, well almost! General Koi Chat.

Moderators: frankoi, Dixiedean

By ALKY Knickerbocker Glory Knickerbocker Glory Posts: 826 
Well said I would report back about this food ,well I have fed growth and garlic mixing 10 kilo of growth with 3 kilo of garlic food all this summer, and I am well inpresed with growth and volume my fish have put on this year, also skin and colour quality is excellent, pity north east show was cancelled or my results could have said it all ,again big thank you to all at Aqua Source for a excellent food and good spears reasonably priced IMO, I said I was looking for a new quality food and I have found it :obscene-drinkingcheers: :handgestures-thumbup:
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By Gedmac Twat of the Year Twat of the Year Posts: 3246 
Yeah totally agree mate as you know I've been feeding it a while and fish look great on it the waste is very miminal too compared to other foods I've used
like you say pity the show was cancelled :handgestures-thumbup:
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By Sanke Darren Dobos Torte Dobos Torte Posts: 1647 
Got to agree with all the comments above started the year on fd food but changed over to Aqua sorce food and results kept coming and at almost half the price of the fd food too now on the wheat germ as temps start to fall and as before the koi are cleaning up
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By Aqua Source Manufacturer Manufacturer Posts: 65 
Hi Dave,

Your comments are very much appreciated, as I know that you are very particular with the food you feed. Our Hi Growth, in particular, has been well received since its launch, which is extremely gratifying in such a competitive market.

We will be adding to the range for next year, but if anyone has any ideas we would welcome any suggestions.

Thank you also to everyone else who has posted good comments, your support is very much appreciated.

As a token of our gratitude, we are giving away a 10kg bag of Wheatgerm or Balance Sinking Winter Food, over in the Competitions Section. :handgestures-thumbup:
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By Sanke Darren Dobos Torte Dobos Torte Posts: 1647 
chriscarp wrote:Hi :smile: anyone going to feed the aqua source weatgerm food though winter
Already feeding my fish it and they love the stuff
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By frankoi Moderator Moderator Posts: 1944 
Hi Dave,
I too have been feeding the growth all season with pleasing results, The usual stuff like the koi go mad for it & water clarity is good plus a lot less waste compared to the EA food I previously fed.
To me, the koi have come on a treat this season. What has surprised me is not just the small ones developing nicely it is my older mature koi that seem to have improved in shape and lustre. :dance:
I shall be changing to Wheatgerm shortly so we will see how that goes through the winter. ;-)
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