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By daznotdaz Croquembouche Croquembouche Posts: 3367 
Ok it might be fake but it looks bloody awesome

Looking into it and I see kylo ren has returned to his mask. Does this mean he’s fully embraced the dark side?
Also he has red troopers under him, maybe his own elite army?
The knights of ren appear for the first time aswell, awesome.
Interesting to see c3po with a weapon, this is a first.
A couple of new characters, one looking like she might be landos calrissions daughter.
Looks like rey has fixed Luke’s lightsaber, there’s a band in the middle
Plus we see rey hasn’t got her usual wraps on top arm, there must be a reason as she has in other two films , could be Jedi ready???
New tie fighters and new alien.
Title out today I think or new couple of weeks.
Only 7-8 sleepless months :angry-banghead:
Your thoughts??????
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By craig b Gateau Saint Honore Gateau Saint Honore Posts: 2105 
I was only talking about this film the other day to our lass but she just rolled her eyes and walked away lol.
I can't wait, I just love the star wars films but not as keen on the spin offs.
I thought Solo was crap and wasn't too keen on Rogue one.
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By daznotdaz Croquembouche Croquembouche Posts: 3367 
Really!!! I thought they where bang on. Would have liked to see the second solo, unfortunately they canned it.
The end of rouge one was just unbelievable, it took me right back.
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By daznotdaz Croquembouche Croquembouche Posts: 3367 
I’m not trying to work it out this time. They just piece bits together to make it look like this. The laughing could just be voice over for the trailer. BUT if I did have a think :think: I’d go Luke :confusion-scratchheadyellow:
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