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Win some goodies! Monthly prizes and more!!

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By Dixiedean Site Admin Site Admin Posts: 7690 
Hiya Peeps,

Well, this will be the last one until the Christmas Draw, so make sure you enter!

We have an Aqua Eco 60 Air Pump, kindly donated by our good friends Dave & Kate at Coastal Koi. Dave can't grow strawberries, but he runs a damn fine koi outlet, recently introducing the new Aqua Drum range. Full details of all their products can be found here....

Aqua Eco 60ltr Air Pump
3024_image.jpg (19.5 KiB) Viewed 10882 times

Introducing the brand new Aqua Eco Air Pump range we have had these on trial for well over a year and have been so pleased with these not only do they offer great value for money they are also very low wattage and powerful as well,these are in our opinion a top quality diaphragm air pump with cheaper running costs of any other air pump on the market today.

Aqua Eco Air 60ltr Top Quality,Low Wattage,Powerfull,Compact,


:Output 60Ltrs/Min
:Wattage 38 Watts
:Voltage 240
:Max Pressure 0.035Mpa
:Noise 35dB
:Weight 3.4Kg
:Size 220mm x 135mm x 185mm

Ideal to use with ponds up to a depth of aprox 60- 70 Inches 152cm - 178cm

Usual rules apply....... minimum of 25 posts on the forum to enter, just reply to this post to register your entry. Closes September 30th. Draw will be made shortly afterwards. The winner must claim the prize, they will not be notified.

Good luck !! :handgestures-thumbup:
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By craig b Gateau Saint Honore Gateau Saint Honore Posts: 2105 
I bought an Aqua Eco 80ltr from Coastal Koi a little while ago to use on my nexus 200 and it's brilliant. Powerful and nice and quiet I would recommend it.

A back up is always good to have :handgestures-thumbupleft:
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By andikoi Gateau Saint Honore Gateau Saint Honore Posts: 2371 
well done coastal,im in for another win lol,nice one deano and frank,andi :happy-partydance:
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By Simon Devaney Knickerbocker Glory Knickerbocker Glory Posts: 728 
Freako wrote:Great prize Deano, I am also looking forward to the draw video, someone is bound to lose an eye or limb before long :lol: :lol: :lol:
Don't you go getting ideas, liam and I have already shown we are no good at acting :laughing-rolling:

Great prize on offer again, well done the guys at Coasal Koi for supporting the forum
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By Sanke Darren Dobos Torte Dobos Torte Posts: 1646 
Another great prize and thanks to Dave and Kate for the generosity il put my lucky pants back on
But like others have said its the vid and you two nutter drawing the number we all wait for
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