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Win some goodies! Monthly prizes and more!!

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By Dixiedean Site Admin Site Admin Posts: 7692 
Hiya peeps,

We felt a bit guilty ( not) , so we are running this competition from now until the end of March.

Another reason why this is the forum of choice!!

The winner will have a choice of one from about 15 nice size Chagois, kindly donated by Ken at The Koi Collection. These are not tiddly Chags, they are pretty big, as you can see from the video. The Koi Collection have a huge selection of quality koi available all year round, and Ken has built up a very good reputation as one of the best dealers in the UK. Where else can you get Tia Maria in your coffee? :D Website is

Usual rules apply, you must have at least 25 posts to enter, you MUST be available to collect your choice of Chagoi from The Koi Collection, it will NOT be posted to you!

Just reply to this post to register your entry.

Closes March 31st 2015. One entry per member. Dealers are not permitted to enter :D

Excuse the crappy video, I took it on my Ipad :doh:

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By Sopersonic74 Croquembouche Croquembouche Posts: 6585 
Woop woop count me in!!!!

just like to say the January prize is great, a good few pages in now!!! Thanks chatterkoi,

And Deano for delivering first class to the man cave :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
By chaos Knickerbocker Glory Knickerbocker Glory Posts: 546 
Dixiedean wrote:
Do I win for being the first to respond?
Nope...... :lol: But we will give you number 1 in the draw. :P ... or a number of your choice :think:
Cool, in that case I bag the winning number, thanks Deano :)
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By Sanke Darren Dobos Torte Dobos Torte Posts: 1646 
Nice prize well as they say in for a penny in for a pound count me in
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