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By tucker81 Dobos Torte Dobos Torte Posts: 1851 
think people need to chill out, the raffle is a bonus to a great photoshow, agree with deano re logistics for delivery and choosing of raffle prizes, if people can get a friend to buy,choose and collect there prizes then theres no issue, got to say appreciate all the effort that's put into this, its meant to be fun and I'm sure stuff like this makes it not for the guys organising it. looking forward to taking pish out off deano tomorrow not seen him for a while :laughing-rolling:
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By craig b Gateau Saint Honore Gateau Saint Honore Posts: 2106 
Totally agree people should calm down after all it's just a bit of fun not a life and death situation.

It's thanks to the guys running the forum that we have this great day out to talk everything koi and last years day was a blast. I originally couldn't make today but I have worked my ass off to sort the day off from work because that's how much the forum means to some of us and I really enjoy the day. It's a friendly fare forum and it's membership is free unlike some other forums. So let's stay friendly and enjoy the day. See you all later :clap:
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By Sanke Darren Dobos Torte Dobos Torte Posts: 1647 
:shock: :shock: :shock: what did I start :roll: :whistle: only wanted you all to have someone to call for winning all the prizes as you will see from my other post I'm on a roll literally :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling:
Have a cracking day at the end of the day that's what we are all here for and to see who has the biggest munger in their pond lol
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By grahaml Rum Baba Rum Baba Posts: 461 
Dixiedean wrote:Very much appreciated Graham, thank you. Can't believe you are on your hols again! Will the bikini be coming out? :lol:
Sorry to disapoint you but not this time :naughty: :naughty:
It's far to hot and I don't want my bit's to get frazzled :laughing-rolling:
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